Марина Ионаускайте (mjonaus) wrote,
Марина Ионаускайте

Появилось на страничке в Фэйсбуке у Оксаны:

"Thanks, guys, for all your comments, both good...and bad :)). All we know is that we work hard for something we are passionate about and we try not to judge others. Those of you who like what we do, thanks so much for your support. Those who do not understand or appreciate what we do, we hope you can find something in the world that you DO like and support. Please feel free to turn your attention someplace else if you don't like what you see. You can choose to judge us without knowing us, but that will always make us even stronger. We hope that you think twice before being critical of people and passions that you don't like. We are all sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, deserving of respect, understanding, and kindness. 
God bless u all!!"

Tags: слона на скаку остановит
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